Yes we offer flexible terms to suit your position. Generally we rent an office for a 12 week period as a minimum agreement, however we are open to discuss terms (long and short term).

All the current offices are very modern and secure. Each office has a desk,pedestal draw unit, chair and large 2 built in filing cabinets/cupboards. The larger office has twice as much.

We have a fully automated access system which allows you to come and go as you please. The site is extremely secure with full IP CCTV, NPRC systems. All electric, heating are covered along with Super Fast Fibre Optic WIFI for your modern working environment. We also have a very stylish and modern working kitchen that is available for our clients with shower and w.c. facilities.

We do have allocated parking per office.

Yes, of course, as long as deliveries/post arrives during office hours Monday to Friday. There is no charge for this service.

Yes, we have offices along with many different storage options that range from 25ft2 to 2,5000ft2. We also have a forklift on site which allows us to take deliveries for your pallets. This is a free service. We also have standard/long forked pallet trucks, sack trucks and trollies that can be used for smaller items. We do not allow storage within the offices.

We are open most weekends (upon request), however not all the time. This does not cause you any restrictions as you can access your office any time via the automated keypad. You are issued a unique keypad code which allows you entry to your office and facility areas any time you like.

We offer extensive storage facilities independently to the offices, but we can provide you with additional services for the office environment such as answering services, receptionist services, postal locker services (this works in a similar way to a PO box, you rent a postal locker to which you hold a key, and so do we. We text/email you when you have post in your locker and then you can collect when it suits you. Access is gained via the automated keypad system). We can also provide you with a Virtual Office which allows you to promote your business as being located within our business centre, whilst actually working from home. It gives you a fantastic corporate image.

We have floor to ceiling built in cupboards/filing cabinets which offers large amount of space, however we do offer archive storage within our facilities which is very popular with those who have to store accounts, records and confidential information. Call for prices and availability.

Each MSU (Mobile Storage Unit) is made of timber and supplied by the industry's leading manufacturer. These are placed into our bespoke trailers by forklift and then delivered to you.

No, not at all, the advantage of this storage solution is that you only have to load it once and then your work is done until you want your storage returned. Once you have finished packing the MSU, we secure the door shut and then take it back to our secure storage facilities. It is then forklifted out of trailer and carefully stored into the warehouse.

Access can only be given between the hours of 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday. We also require a minimum of 24 hours notice so that we can get your MSU ready for you in our access bay. You can access as many times as you like during these times.

We do offer this service free but there are terms and conditions. Please pop in the office or give our friendly team a call on 0800 0747336 to find out more. Our delivery and collection is very competitive, especially when you compare it to removal costs or Man & Van hire charges. If you are not considering a removal company, then the other main advantage is that you are only doing 50% of the work, you load on site without the need for secondary handling.

No, however we can only deliver one MSU container at a time. We would just do repeat deliveries and collections.

Yes we have availability and we can get a MSU unit delivered for you. Our minimum storage period is 4 weeks (with all of our storage options) which is payable in advance and we do not take deposits.

Yes, no problem. We have some MSU units that have shelving in and can hold up to 72 standard archive boxes. Call us to discuss further if you wish.

We have floor to ceiling built in cupboards/filing cabinets which offer s large amount of space, however we do offer archive storage within our facilities which is very popular with those who have to store accounts, records and confidential information. Call for prices and availability.

Yes sure these can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our automated security system. We issue you a unique keypad code that allows you entry to suit your needs. You supply your own padlock to your storage unit (we do not hold any keys for this).

You can store almost anything at The Self Storage Company as long as it's not perishable, flammable or illegal! You cannot store flammable, toxic or explosive substances, LPG cylinders or any other compressed gases, any paints, thinners, petrol or oil, any firearms or ammunition, any chemicals (including and especially any oxidising agents), any plants and no animals.

We've invested in the latest security technology, including fire, smoke and intruder alarm systems and 24 hour IP CCTV monitoring. Our premises is closely monitored by an external security CCTV with remote recording via motion sensors.

We will work with you to identify the ideal storage room and size for your needs. You can check out our Size Guide or give us a call on 0800 0747336 if you have more questions.

As soon as you like! As long as you are able to provide us the relevant details and have means of payment, you can move in straight away.

No, you are the only key holder.

Yes we do. You can buy a padlock when you arrive from our Box Shop or alternatively you can provide your own lock, as long as it meets our robust standards.

We offer a number of payment options including standing order, debit or credit cards. We ask for 4 weeks in advance without any deposit.

You can access your belongings 24 hours, 7 days a week. You will be given a unique number for our keypad access system.

Our opening hours are generally 08.00 to 18.00 Mon to Fri, 09.00 to 16.00 Sat and 10.00 to 14.00 Sun. Please contact our friendly team on 0800 0747336 to enquire about any change in opening times over certain holiday periods.

It is advisable to pre-book your storage room if you want to guarantee your space. We charge just £20 for this and your money is refunded against the rental cost when you move in. However please don't panic if it's a last minute arrangement as we will always try our best to accommodate you. If you have any queries about reserving a room then please don't hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 0800 0747336.

Yes we do have some secured storage units that are suitable for your wine. Simply call us to discuss your requirements . We also have other units with humidistats fitted which allows us to control the RH% and set the preferred humidity etc for items such as valuable paintings, antique furniture and other specific items that may require specialised storage. In many cases, we are approached by Insurance Companies asking us to store High Net worth items, particularly antiques and paintings.

Yes, we have an unloading bay directly outside the entrance which makes unloading easy. Our premises are located within a busy industrial estate with fantastic security and no long drives down farm tracks or remote buildings during dark evenings. We have several trollies and even a forklift truck (only available when we are open) that can be used for your ease. All areas have automatic lighting (including your unit) NPRC (Number Plate Recognition Cameras) and Internal/External motion censored camera's for your added security.

One of the benefits of our flexible storage solutions means that you can easily increase or decrease the size of your room as your need changes, so you'll never have to pay for space you are not using.

We require you to give 14 days notice in writing (an email is fine) when you want to vacate your storage room. We will then calculate any refund for unused storage time that you are due.

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